How to "collect"

"Collect" and save on postage and nerves!

Collect with the Stoffschwester! You want to get the latest products? You want to collect small piece and not pay postage every time? You are afraid that someone will snatch away that one special favorite material, but to pay postage so often is stupid? Then use the new function "Collect"!

Here is the detailed explanation:

  1. Log in, fill the cart and then proceed to the Checkout.
  2. Choose "Collect" as your shipping method - and then no shipping costs will be charged!
  3. After receipt of payment we process your order and put your ordered items in your "collection box".
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the note "In the collection box" - your order is already cut and packed.
  5. You can now order and collect as often as you like. You just have to choose "collect" everytime and we'll pack everything into your box!
  6. If you decide that your orders should now be sent to you, you should choose "Collect" on the last order that you place, but please leave a note for us in the order comments informing us that we should now send all shipments(for example "end of collecting")! We will then carry out your request. All orders with a minimum value of 70 Euro the delivery to Austria and Germany is free of charge. Under this amount shipping costs will be added - in this case, we will contact you!
  7. A few days later you'll be able to hold your collected purchases in your hands!

If you still have any questions, then please don't hesitate to contact us!

Stoff Ahoi!
Die Stoffschwester